Note Design Studio have developed a desk in collaboration with cabinetmaker Karolina Stenfelt. The Soot Architect Desk combines old-fashioned built-in rulers, hidden magnets, and sketch paper rolls with USB hubs and power outlets to meet a modern architect's needs. Stenfelt told designer Kristoffer Fagerström "to design a desk that didn't reveal everything at first glance and would stand out in a discreet way" and that's exactly what he did. The desk is made of Swedish pine and finished with charred wood to give it a hardened surface. The exterior is covered with a burned veneer in a herringbone pattern, making the Soot Architect Desk look like a big black box. The desk is on show at the Carl Malmsten - Furniture Studies' spring exhibition in Stockholm up until 29 May 2011. Text/Pictures come from Here

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