I stand in my very strong values of minimalism, anti-consumerism, and simplicity. These movements fuel my faith in human consciousness. Increasingly, we are voting with our dollars, ceasing to fill the holes in our souls with plastic stuff, and living more lightly on a highly-burdened eco-system. Uncluttering, vigilante consumerism, and simplification are outbursts of enlightenment.

Danielle LaPorte

"Less is more"

Demakersvan // Cinderella


"This "Cinderella Table" is made of birch by Dutch born artist, Jeroen Verhoeven (born 1976) and manufactured by the Dutch design group, Demakersvan (est. 2004). 

Using computer software, the designers translated sketches of the profiles of two antique tables into digital drawings then made a rendering representing the two morphing into each other. 
Next, using computer-driven wood-cutting machines normally employed for mass production, they produced the drawing as a three-dimensional object, in thin vertical sections out of sheets of birch. Each slice was glued by hand to the next, forming a unique piece of furniture." From here.

Material : birch plywood, 57 layers
Dimensions: 132 x 100 x 81 cm

The table during the making process.

Exist also in marble...